News > MWC19: First Smart EMM Solution, ThinkUEM was released by Lenovo Connect to empower the era of smart IoT

MWC19: First Smart EMM Solution, ThinkUEM was released by Lenovo Connect to empower the era of smart IoT

2019-02-26 03:20

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Barcelona: Today, Lenovo Connect releases its first smart EMM solution called ThinkUEM (Unified End-point Management) at the product launch during Mobile World Congress.


Dr. Martin Wang, VP of Lenovo and the CEO of the Lenovo Connect, will be the first to launch and give a full demonstration of Think UEM during the event.


“We aim to build ThinkUEM as a smart IoT platform that can provide cross-platform, cross-system, and cross-industry device management service.” Said Martin, “It is a secure and stable platform. It provides three major services; device management, content management and application management. It guarantees the security of data and the system.”


ThinkUEM is an enterprise mobile endpoint management platform, developed exclusively by Lenovo. It enables the control of multiple device models, multiple brand manufacturers and multiple operating systems through one single platform.

Some of ThinkUEM functions include policy management, real-time statistics, device wipe/lock/locate, application management, secure content application containerization, reporting, logging, remote control, kiosk mode, file sync, self-service portal, automatic enrollment, import groups, message broadcasts, WIFI configuration, disable/enable airplane mode, address blacklist/whitelist, geo-fence alarm, app firewalls, bulk operation, SIM card and device bonding.


ThinkUEM offers a number of advantages. A few of them being flexible implementation, customized solution, strong data security, big data support, multi-platform support (Android OS and iOS) and reliable activation. Also, all data visualization on the ThinkUEM platform to allow clients manage their business better.

ThinkUEM will address all needs for Mobile Device Management. It enables everyone to centralize and streamline the management of traditional mobile devices and IoT devices through a single platform.

ThinkUEM allows you to get a handle on your BYOD workforce, ensuring that you are able to enforce policies and procedures while protecting corporate data. Whether On-Premise or in the cloud.

In addition, ThinkUEM removes the complexity from managing a multi OS, multi-vendor, and multi-purpose mobile ecosystem. Features include silent installation, remote support, reliable activation, big data support, and location-based services. ThinkUEM is user friendly, giving administrators access to data and security quickly and efficiently. ThinkUEM is set to become the simple and cost-effective solution for Mobile Device Management in the world.

As a global product, ThinkUEM’s business covers the NA, EMEA and AP right now, it has partnered with ZeroSecond Technology, Offshore Tech and Castnet. In the near future, the ThinkUEM business will reach every corner of the world.


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