Overview of ThinkIoT-AEP

ThinkIoT-AEP is an IoT PaaS platform that connects with ThinkIoT EMS.
It is able to quickly establish a "thing" model, and supports embedded rule engine, rapid development without code, and graphical machine learning algorithm.
It can interface with AR/VR display systems, thus eventually forming SAAS systems such as smart factory, intelligent water and smart power.


Connection, Analysis, Creation, Experience

Service Advantages

Building the most powerful IoT applications quickly

Application Scenarios

Clients Cases

  • LCFC intelligent
    factory in Hefei

  • A tunnel project
    in Jinhua

  • An LCD factory

  • A 5G base
    station factory

  • A large wind
    power company

Major Products and Services

We strive to achieve the seamless smart connectivity of devices, clients, networks, data and services

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