Smart IoV

Smart IoV integrates technologies such as satellite positioning, smart IoT, GIS, mobile communication and cloud service, and consolidating mobile communication operators, insurance companies and BM brand auto factories, to achieve BM and AM integrated vehicle service mode, effectively solve the supervision of existing vehicles, standardize the management of new vehicles, and comprehensively control the source of auto factory BM distribution.

Architecture of Smart IoV Scheme

Scheme Cases

  • Bicycle sharing
  • New energy vehicle


Large card supply

A special warehouse for back-up cards to guarantee the supply cycle

Matching lock type

MS card and common MP card

Flexible package

Multiple packages and multiple data sharing pools offered on demand

ThinkIoT platform unified management

Open permission, unified inquiry, unified management


Module + IoT card integrated solution

STEP3:Big-data platform

Optimized place layout, Optimized operation process, Regional use frequency, Abnormal occupation alarm

IoV solution

Electrical changing station communication solution

Service vehicle management solution

Application Scenarios

  • Intelligent travel

  • Logistics supervision

  • Slag truck supervision

  • Intelligent transportation

  • Passenger transport supervision

  • Engineering vehicle supervision

  • Dangerous goods transportation supervision

  • Periodic lease

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