VINCI Smart Headphone

ThinkIoT Connect provides ThinkIoT connection management service, which enables the device to be connected to the network upon startup and provides other value-added services through the ThinkIoT platform.

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IoT Smart Acquisition Terminal DTU (all kinds of networks supported)

The IoT intelligent collection terminal is small in size, compact in structure, powerful in function, easy to use, stable in quality, and secure and reliable. It can be widely used in intelligent fire fighting, industrial IoT and other industries.

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ThinkIoT Cloud Seal

Lenovo Connect provides end-to-end solutions of intelligent seal management featuring "Cloud-Pipe-Terminal software-hardware integration" for governments, enterprises and public institutions at all levels. Based on 4G (all kinds of networks supported) communication module, data flow and ThinkIoT platform, Lenovo Connect builds a cloud service system that integrates seal data cloud storage, IoT data transmission, seal data screening and traceability, and system integration. The system enables device connection management and device management, while ensuring the security of seal use, reducing the cost of seal use, and improving the efficiency of seal use. This empowers enterprises to improve their scientific management level, and helps government and enterprise customers achieve efficient and safe operations.

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NB-IoT Module

Module is a standard and important access to IoT
IoT communication module supports data transmission and communication, and provides operation and maintenance services for customers through the IoT platform

Module C1100 is tailor-made for the global networking and M2M markets

  • Multi-mode support for NB-IoT, eMTC and EGPRS
  • Wide coverage, multiple connections, low speed, low cost, and low power consumption
  • Extensive application in intelligent parking, intelligent manhole cover, intelligent street light, intelligent meter reading, intelligent security, intelligent door lock, etc.

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Xiaoxin Air 12 LTE (customized supply)

Xiaoxin Air 12 LTE is the world's first fully connected laptop (AOPC).
Lenovo Connect provides a one-stop smart connectivity solution with built-in 4G Internet access which is enabled upon boot.

Thin and lightweight laptop   |   Fast Internet access anytime and anywhere

Nationwide quality assurance   |   "Three guarantees" service

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Miix 630 (customized supply)

Miix 630 is Lenovo's first two-in-one laptop with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. Lenovo Connect provides eSIM service, supports cross-operator network switching, offers local traffic charges anytime and anywhere, and meets the needs of mobile office.

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TAB 3(Customized Supply)

Lenovo Connect integrates Lenovo's hardware, communication and cloud service resources to create a customized terminal TB-8703N/8803F for the project of the National Bureau of Statistics.Three networks are flexibly optional for communication depending on the network coverage;The collected data are directly uploaded to the data center, which greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of data collection. The combination of positioning and identity authentication modules ensures the personal visit and inspection of census takers; The intelligent control platform ensures the standardized use of terminal and avoids misappropriation.

Three networks available   |   Lightweight and portable

Collection positioning and authentication   |   Use of monitoring

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