Overview of ThinkIoT-CMP

The ThinkIoT-CMP can connect sensors, devices and units that conform to any network topology and communication scenarios, thus providing scalable, secure, embedded and easily deployable connectivity.

Functional Features

A unified platform for better communication management services

The flexible customized communication package pays as required

Service Advantages

Direct and easy access to global operator communication resources and global services

  • Localized service resources

    Lenovo Connect now established many subsidiaries in HongKong, Europe and the US, that helps us to provide localized IoT communication services to our clients

  • 40+ premium operators

    We have access to 40+ high-quality operators worldwide, including the three giant operators in China (China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom), and France Telecom, AT&T, HUE, and various European and American operators

  • 160+ countries and regions covered

    Coverage of approximately 160 countries and regions worldwide

  • Multiple communication resources

    Cellular network (2G/3G/4G/NB-IoT) Narrow-band WAN (LoRa) Satellite network (high-orbit & low–orbit)

Key Services

Easy-to-use and customized products as required

Application Scenarios

  • Factory

  • Workshop

  • Shipping

  • Urban facilities

  • Construction

  • Agriculture

Major Products and Services

We strive to achieve the seamless smart connectivity of devices, clients, networks, data and services

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