IoT Intelligent Collection Terminal DTU

The IoT intelligent collection terminal is small in size, compact in structure, powerful in function, easy to use, stable in quality,
and secure and reliable. It can be widely used in intelligent fire fighting, industrial IoT and other industries.

Product Specifications

Size 16cm×11.2cm×7.2cm Material Flame retardant ABS and PC
Input voltage AC220V(±20% Output voltage DC+12V(±5%)
Wired communication RS485 Wireless communication 4G (all kinds of networks supported), compatible with 2G and 3G
Type of network protocol stack TCP/IP Power consumption ≦10W
Advantages 3.81mm terminal adopted for convenient installation; data collection and upload supported, and up to 1K data transmitted at a time; RS485 serial port collection and data unvarnished transmission; two-channel analog acquisition, signal source 0~5V/4~20mA optional; two-channel digital acquisition, dry contact type; uploading of data to IoT cloud platform, remote configuration and data viewing; 485 serial port configuration

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