IoT Communication Module

Module is a standard and important access to IoT
IoT communication module supports data transmission and communication,
and provides operation and maintenance services for customers through the IoT platform

Module C1100 is tailor-made for the global networking and M2M markets

Multi-mode support for NB-IoT, eMTC and EGPRS

  • Wide coverage

  • multiple connections

  • low speed

  • low cost

  • low power consumption

Product Specifications

Dimension(mm) 24.0×26.0×2.3 Package SMT package
Modes & Bands LTE-TDD Cat M1(eMTC)
single-band B39
tri-band B3/B5/B8
EGPRS dual-band B5/B8
Temperature range Normal operating temperature:
-40°C to +85°C
Restricted operating temperature: -45°C to +90°C
Power Supply Normal voltage range 3.3V-4.2V
Low power consumption
(eDRX mode: < 1.2mA; PSM mode: < 7μA)
Interface Power supply interface, SIM interface 3V/1.8V, RTC backup input,UART interface, hardware reset interface, boot button interface, VDD_2.8V output interface, ADCs
(ultimate voltage 1.8V), SPI, USB,GPIOs, GPS, antenna interface
Certification RoHS/CCC/CTA Data access specification Cat M1 R13(Up to 1Mbps DL&UL)
Cat NB1 R13(Up to 200Kbps DL&UL)
Other features Control by AT command (GSM07.05, GSM07.07, V.25TER, GPRS, and Lenovo extended AT command); embedded TCP/IP protocol stack; TTS; EFS; Lenovo FOTA; OpenCPU

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