Communications Value-added Business


Prepaid recharge and data traffic top-up are supported for users of the three major operators (China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom) to help enterprises achieve one-point access, nationwide coverage and seamless integration with business promotion.


  • Integration of data traffic
    of the three operators (China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom)
    to achieve full coverage of users

  • No obstacles nationwide, full coverage of data traffic

  • 200 user data traffic pushes sent simultaneously,
    which is efficient and concurrent

  • Accurate and clear order flow, comprehensive grasp of financial revenue and expenditure, real-time reconciliation

  • H5 interface, accessibility of SDK and API interfaces

Platform ability


Lenovo Connect provides corporate customers with the overall solution of mass messaging. SMS messages are delivered to your target users in a prompt and accurate manner to maximize the user experience. 24/7 technical support provides you with more secure and considerate service guarantee.


  • Channel advantage

    Direct connection to operator, exclusive channel featuring three networks in one

  • Stable and fast

    5s instant messaging, 99% efficient arrival rate

  • Convenient connection

    SDK interface, safe and fast connection and joint ebugging


  • Customer information management

  • Business type management

  • SMS list

  • Uplink keyword management

  • Sensitive word list

  • Mobile number segment table

  • Recharge history table

  • SMS channel table

  • Province table

  • SMS history table

  • Operator number segment table

  • ……

Functional support:

  • Intelligent channel allocation:Multi-channel access can be realized through routing (channel) management, and priority can be configured to control the transmission of emergency information
  • Stable server:Dedicated mass messaging server, multi-line backbone network access
  • SMS contacts management for higher transmission efficiency
  • Data report for efficient statistics


Broadband acceleration service is a broadband speed-up tool launched by Lenovo in cooperation with China Telecom and China Unicom for various provinces and cities across the country, which gives users fast and stable broadband speed guarantee for real-time video watching, download, daily network applications and other online behaviors.

Scope of application

  1. Broadband acceleration service supports only home broadband network, and enterprise network and campus network are not supported.
  2. Areas supported by broadband acceleration service:

    China Telecom: All areas throughout the country other than Guangdong and Guangxi

    China Unicom: Beijing, Chongqing, Ningxia, Sichuan, Fujian, Inner Mongolia

Service ordering process

Internet Value-added Services

Game operation

  • Business requirements

    • Seeking domestic CP resources for cooperation and overseas operators for joint operation to improve the user value
  • Advantages

    • Content aggregation, game
      platform capability Providing
    • Platform connection, content operation, activity planning
    • Billing capability provided
      and user resources sharing
    • Supporting the development
      of APP games and HTML5 games

Video music

Aggregation of service resources

Smart Big Data Value-added Services

Lenovo Big Data Enterprise Analysis Platform (LEAP)

Ability to manage and control the data lifecycle

  • Efficient and quick data analysis capability

    • Visual data development
    • Multilingual support
    • 5000+ algorithm packages
  • Deeply optimized data processing capability

    • Quick iteration of version updates
    • Autonomous control, deep optimization
    • Performance exceeding competitive products
  • All-source heterogeneous data access capability

    • Structured, unstructured
    • Real-time, batch
    • Support IoT data collection
    • Support mobile termina data collection
  • Enhanced data control capability

    • Metadata management
    • Data-quality management
    • Data-model management
    • Data-lifecycle management
    • Data-lineage management
  • Operation and maintance with high efficiency and visualization

    • One command deployment
    • Resource Allocation
    • Authority Management
    • Problem Early-Warning
    • Rolling Upgrade

Platform Architecture Diagram

Big data building and operation services

End-to-end, helping users dig deeper into data value and enhance business capabilities

  • Planning and design

  • Platform building

  • Data governance

  • Value exploration

  • Integration custom

  • Sustainable operation

  • Innovation incubation

Perfect service

Supporting services strongly associated with user business scenarios

Business consulting service

ananced analysis service

IT/OT planning service

Data management service

Mobile terminal device server


IT/Technical support

Operation and maintance

Tools and application software

Capability of the open platform

Big-data computing platform

Big Data Solutions


The Big Data Desensitization System is an integrated software-hardware device that uses big-data analysis technology to deliver functions such as privacy data discovery, data extraction, data bleaching, test-data management and data loading. It is characterized by a triumvirate of powerful benefits: process streamlining, automation and job multiplexing.

As a software-hardware integrated device, it is easy to deploy and use, with powerful functionality and out-of-the-box features. Thus, it significantly reduces the workload for your staff and makes the project life cycle more efficient.

System Composition

The Big Data Desensitization System filters user data through access control and performance monitoring. This gives it the ability to filter privacy data according to user-defined desensitization rules so as to avoid the risk of sensitive data leakage while ensuring the integrity and effectiveness of the operator's business data.

Data Processing

The system is a 4U4-node device, which integrates six subsystems: information configuration; desensitization strategy configuration; data extraction; identity authentication and authorization management; big-data desensitization processing; and desensitization auditing.


The Big Data Traceability System is a professional device for effective control and traceability of unauthorized diffusion of important corporate data. The system is built on the basis of big-data platform technology, intelligent semantic recognition technology and MMTA matrix hybrid traceability algorithm, making it convenient and fast to use.

System Composition

The data traceability exchange system is composed of two parts. One is the embedded system of traceability seeds, which embeds traceability seeds in data. The other is the traceability analysis function enabled based on the first part.

Traceability Seed Embedded System

The data traceability seed embedded system is composed of six subsystems: information configuration, traceability seed embedded policy configuration, data extraction, identity authentication and authorization management, traceability seed embedded processing, and auditing.


The system enables distributed and efficient data collection through big data Sqoop technology, as well as quick analysis and inspection of database contents through big-data MapReduce technology. Combined with the inspection of expert database, the system can quickly locate the sensitive information of government affairs and thereby generate detailed inspection and analysis reports on confidential information.

System Composition

The product is an integrated hardware-software device mainly composed of a data-acquisition subsystem, keyword recognition subsystem, and confidential data analysis and visualization subsystem.


The Big Data Security Monitoring System combines the trusted computing technology with the big data system, so as to deliver solutions to perfectly building a highly secure big data system.

The Big Data Security Monitoring System can effectively guarantee reliability in architecture, operation, resource allocation, data storage and policy management of the big data system.

System Functions

The system has two functions:

1. Trusted data storage, in which trusted measurement is carried out for key system files and important parameters of the big-data platform by the trusted algorithm on a regular basis, thus the health status of big data is visualized;

2. Trusted behavior identification, which gives it the ability to monitor the security status of the big-data platform in real time and give early warning, so as to achieve security management of the big-data platform as required by the data center. The above two functions make it possible to build a highly secure and trusted big data system.


The SecBoxV1.0 Big Data Safe is a highly reliable data-encryption product. The system adopts a strong domestic encryption algorithm to efficiently encrypt sensitive data in the big data center, so as to achieve data ciphertext storage and ensure data security inside the big data center. Based on the standard Hadhoop platform, the system can interface with other companies' big-data platforms (including Huawei FusionInsight, etc.) through customized development.

System Composition

The big data safe is an integrated software-hardware data-encryption product, which is mainly composed of software modules such as big data encryption and decryption read-write adaptation subsystem, KMS key management subsystem, and data encryption subsystem, as well as hardware server and hardware encryption card.

The product is available in client mode and clientless mode.

Major Products and Services

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