Smart Government and Finance Solutions

Lenovo Connect helps governments, financial institutions and other enterprise users build presence in the country
and even the world through Device+Cloud solutions, and reduce intermediate links and deliver instructions instantly via flat management.
Direct upload and presentation of work results can effectively improve efficiency and save costs.

Architecture of Solutions

Security and stability, strong scalability

Panoramic View of Government and Finance Solutions


  • TAB

  • PHAB

  • YOGA



  • Three networks are flexibly optional for communication
  • The collected data are directly uploaded to the data center, which greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of data collection. The combination of positioning and identity authentication modules ensures the personal visit and inspection of census takers.

Product functions

  • Touch control
  • Picture processing
  • Speech processing
  • Data collection
  • Two-way transmission of wireless signals
  • Report processing
  • Man-machine interaction
  • Identity authentication

Mobile office management

  • File synchronization Secure upload and
    distribution of file to device
  • Silent installation of application
  • User behavior management

Asset management

  • Electronic fence
  • Management of device use
  • Optimization of device load rate and improvement of efficiency of asset management

Positioning and fence management

  • Positioning
  • Track inquiry
  • Device location distribution
  • Geo-fence
  • Identity authentication

  • Bluetooth printing

  • Infrared communication

  • Device protector

  • RFID identification

  • Payment module

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