Overview of ThinkIoT Cloud Services

ThinkIoT Cloud provides enterprises with end-to-end and customized cloud management services, including IT consulting, solution design, implementation
and operation, scenario-based application and other full lifecycle cloud services.
Based on business requirements, it helps enterprises achieve the unified management of multi-cloud and cross-cloud platforms, optimize cloud resource allocation, reduce enterprise IT and operating costs, and enhance business efficiency.


The industry's strongest x86 server products

Lenovo x86 server dual-brand positioning

  • ThinkServer

    More powerful with Intel® Xeon® processor

    High performance   |   cost-effective and flexible   |   secure and user-friendly

  • ThinkSystem

    Customized as required and managed by LiCO,
    compatible with most commonly used AI frameworks,
    including TensorFlow, Caffe and Microsoft CNTK

    Higher energy efficiency   |   higher density   |   lower operating costs

Service Advantages

Direct connect the communication resources of global operators to enjoy global services easily

  • Public cloud

    Low cost, good scalability, able to quickly integrate upstream service providers and downstream end users.

  • Private cloud

    High security, stable service and convenient management; enable enterprises to customize their resources to meet specific IT requirements.

  • Rack

    Lets users take advantage of both public and private clouds, and provide great flexibility for applications to move in a multi-cloud environment.

  • Lenovo ThinkCloud

    Lenovo provides a dedicated cloud environment for organizations to ensure privacy and confidentiality. This solution is less costly than an internal private cloud and is easier to scale up your business.

Lenovo ThinkCloud Platform

Cloud computing enables users to obtain application services anywhere via various terminals

Cloud Management Services


Lenovo Connect will draw up the cloud-service blueprints and make cloud-based strategic plans and evaluate the step of moving to the cloud for clients according to their business development goals. Lenovo Connect will also help clients choose cloud services and provide could development suggestions most suitable for them.

Cloud consulting service project

  • Cloud-based strategic planning
    • Cloud operation and maintenance standardization consulting
    • Feasibility study and ROT analysis based on cloud infrastructure
    • Cloud backup consulting
    • Cloud security consulting
    • Business cloud & migration consulting
    • Capacity evaluation service
    • Performance evaluation service
    • DevOps consulting
    • Dual-state IT consulting
  • Public cloud design
    • Resource pool design
    • Resource scheduling policy design
    • Security policy design
    • Business continuity design, including backup and recovery policies, high Availability, fault tolerance
    • Service composition, service template, service level
    • Service request and approval process, resource supply process
    • Account management, role and permission
    • Portal type, function, and interface
    • Monitoring function, auditing and reporting function
    • Metering function
    • System API and integration
  • Private cloud design
    • IT service design of private cloud platform
    • Architecture design of private cloud platform
    • Configuration design of private cloud platform
    • Supporting design of private cloud platform
  • Cloud product selection
    • Private cloud platform product selection
    • Public cloud product selection
    • Unified cloud management platform selection
    • Cloud operation and maintenance tool selection


According to an enterprise's current system situation and actual development stage, cloud snapshot and mirroring technologies as well as business migration tools can be used to migrate the system to different platforms. The cloud migration service scenarios we support include: physical machine migration, virtual machine migration, cloud-to-cloud migration and public cloud internal account migration. The cloud migration service process includes: preliminary research, planning of movement to cloud, verification of data migration to cloud, data switching and migration delivery.

Cloud migration services

1. Data-migration service

2. Application-migration service

3. Network-migration service

4. Migration of physical machine to cloud platform

5. Migration of virtual machine to cloud platform

6. Migration between cloud platforms

7. Migration within cloud platforms


According to the requirements of the enterprise, build the cloud platform as a whole, design the cloud architecture for the application, install and deploy application components, and build clusters, so as to achieve high availability and flexibility, optimize application efficiency, and complete data migration and deployment. This includes private cloud deployment, public cloud deployment, hybrid cloud deployment and cloud migration services.

Cloud deployment services

  • Private cloud deployment
    • Computing, storage, network virtualization deployment
    • Desktop cloud deployment
    • Hyperfusion architecture deployment
    • Cloud platform-building and deployment
    • Cloud automation-deployment service
    • Detailed design of infrastructure architecture
    • Customized development of cloud management platform
  • Public cloud deployment
    • Computing-resource configuration
    • Storage-resource configuration
    • Network-resource configuration
    • Account-permission configuration
    • Load-balancing configuration
    • Database configuration
    • Monitoring configuration
  • Hybrid cloud deployment
    • Unified management platform deployment
    • Resource usage management
    • Computing resource pool integration
    • Storage resource pool integration
    • Network resource pool integration
    • Network connection deployment
  • Cloud migration services
    • Application-migration service
    • Data-migration service
    • Network-migration service
    • Migration of physical machine to cloud platform
    • Migration of virtual machine to cloud platform
    • Migration between cloud platforms
    • Migration within cloud platforms


24/7 monitoring and response, prompt handling of abnormal situations, DevOps capability, more efficient automation of cloud operation and maintenance.

Lenovo highly integrates AIOPS, monitoring, configuration management database (CMDB), cloud resource scheduling, automatic operation, bill management and other cloud-management tools into an integrated cloud management platform to provide enterprises with convenient, efficient and secure automatic cloud operation and maintenance management services.

Cloud Operations and Maintenance Service Project

  • Cloud operation and maintenance management services
    • System operation and maintenance service
    • Virtual operation and maintenance service
    • Network operation and maintenance service
    • Storage operation and maintenance service
    • Data backup and recovery service
    • Database operation and maintenance service
  • Cloud professional technical services
    • Operating-system technical support
    • Network technical support
    • Storage and backup technical support
    • Database technical support
    • Security operation and maintenance support
  • Cloud operation and maintenance service desk
    • 24/7 cloud management service request support
    • Remote desktop support
    • Multiple support channels: phone, SMS, e-mail, WeChat
    • Software/hardware support
    • Upgrade support
    • Compliance with SLA
  • Monitoring management services
    • Asset and configuration management service
    • Remote, centralized monitoring management
    • Monitoring service report
    • Management of alarms and early warnings
    • Log analysis


Expert-level lecturers of Lenovo IT management provides diversified training contents based on different cloud products and services. The cloud training aims to improve the technical levels on the cloud for clients, partners, cloud computing developers and solution staffs, the training also ensures all learners working skillfully on the application of cloud products, techs, services and solutions.

From three different dimensions of cloud development, cloud operation and maintenance, the cloud training combines three requirements (initial level, medium level and top level) at different levels, and provides customized training classes. The training classes combines huge amounts of cloud products practical cases to conduct a comprehensive analysis that covering numerous scenarios and fitting clients’ actual demands, to provide the comprehensive cloud training services for all enterprises.

Major Products and Services

We strive to achieve the seamless smart connectivity of devices, clients, networks, data and services

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