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Overview of ThinkUEM

ThinkUEM is an enterprise mobile endpoint management platform developed exclusively by Lenovo. It enables the control of multiple device models, multiple brand manufacturers and multiple operating systems through a single platform.
We use AI technology to enhance the mobile security of customer mobile
strategy and provide data analysis.

The Major Traits of ThinkUEM


Excellent security and stability, strong scalability, quick service, comprehensive control

Service Advantages

Supporting multiple
modes of deployment

Public deployment (SaaS)
and private deployment

Competitive price

With the complete quotation system and fixable pricing strategy,
we can give clients the most affordable pricing scheme

Localized service

With the support from our global professional local integrators,
we can provide professional after-sale services to our clients

Flexible customization services

Flexible development of appropriate solutions as required

Professional service team

We have the most professional team and R&D team with more than 10 years of industry experience.

Strong delivery capability

The delivery time and quality are strictly guaranteed

Stable and fully functional platform

MDM, MAM and MCM functions, platform scalability

Rich industry solutions

Professional industry solutions for education, finance, military, logistics, retail and other industries

Supporting management of multiple device types

Devices using Android and IoS systems are supported

Cooperation Process

  • Competitive price

    The customer signs the contract and obtains the authorization code which contains authorization information such as the number of access devices and terms of use

  • Tenant generating

    The tenant administrator generates the management platform access address for the customer. The platform functions and services of each tenant administrator is independent. Contact the person in charge if you have special needs

  • Tenant activation

    The customer verifies the authorization of the platform through the authorization code and initializes the login password

  • Device registration

    The tenant creates a device group as needed and registers the intelligent terminal device into the device group to achieve device data collection and control

  • Rules deployment

    The tenant creates device control rules on the platform and pushes them to the device group to achieve device control through rules

Application Scenarios

  • Education

    Tablets are introduced to smart classrooms. A tablet is provided to each student. Education institutions need to strengthen the control of tablet use to ensure that students keep pace with teachers in class and ensure the quality of teaching

  • Finance

    Financial staff use tablets for handling business, such as credit card, insurance, fund, etc. Banks need to control the issue of tablets to ensure the work efficiency of staff and the security of customer data

  • Government Services

    Government census projects need tablets for data collection. The issued tablets need to be strictly controlled to ensure the use of the tablets and the real-time and security of data collection


Major Products and Services

We strive to achieve the seamless smart connectivity of devices, clients, networks, data and services

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