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Lenovo Connect & MeiG Smart together build a Joint venture company——LCMIoT company

2023-03-01 13:50

On Feb27th2023afternoon, at the MWC conference in Barcelona, Lenovo Connect and MeiG Smart jointly announced the establishment of a joint venture company -- Guangzhou LianDongGeZhi Technology Co., LTD (lCMIoT company). Integrating the core advantages of Lenovo Connect and MeiG Smart, basing on the platform of eSIM connection and 5G/4G intelligent communication module, ICMIOT works hard to serve the intelligent IoT industry and provide customers with integrated software and hardware solutions for devices. 


As a leading company in the field of intelligent Internet of Things, Lenovo connect always adheres to the concept of serving customers, provides customers with integrated, end-to-end Internet of Things solutions, and builds an intelligent connection cloud service platform composed of cloud network connection, data connection and application connection, focusing on the field of intelligent vehicle networking and intelligent interactive equipment, to help enterprises realize digital transformation. MeiG Smart has a leading position in the field of intelligent communication modules and intelligent communication device, and has a strong strength in hardware research and development. The two sides jointly establish a joint venture company to give full play to their respective advantages, serve customers well, and create satisfying, competitive communication solutions and products for customers that meet their needs.


At the meeting, Dr. Wang Shuai, Vice president of Lenovo Group and CEO of Lenovo connect, said: "The development of digital intelligence is in a tide era. In the present full of variables and uncertainties, the development of enterprises should strengthen the awareness of ecological cooperation. The joint venture of LianDongGeZhi is of strategic significance to the construction of intelligent connected ecological network for communication. The two parties jointly launch a series of 5G intelligent modules of consumer, industrial and vehicle level, and create cloud platform and solution of Internet of Things integrating computing network cloud and intelligent module for users, so as to achieve two-way win-win through cooperation. Together, we will build a new digital highland."

Mr. Benjamin Du, CEO of MeiG Smart, saidAs the global leading provider of wireless communication modules and solutions, MeiG Smart has carried out technology accumulation and extended our business presence in the IoT industry as early as 2012, and made arrangements in advance on how to achieve high-speed wireless connection for next-generation IoT products, 5G mm-wave antenna design, 5G low power solutions, carriers homologations and global delivery etc. We are very pleased to join hands with the Chinese first-class virtual network operator Lenovo Connect to establish a joint venture company, ICMIoT company. With the establishment of the join venture company, both parties can make full use of their expertise in the IoT industry, and continue, in the philosophy of good products & good service to empower the digital transformation and upgrading of the industries like PC, AIoT, FWA, ICV, new retail, smart terminals and high computing power communications.

Lenovo Connect introduction

Founded in October 2015, Lenovo Connect is a subsidiary of Legend Venture Capital. The company gathers global connection and service resources to create an ICBAG intelligent package integrating IoT, Cloud, Big Data, AI and Global Service, enabling the intelligent connection of everything. Currently, based on the product strategy of "one horizontal and two vertical", the company has built an intelligent connection cloud service platform composed of cloud network connection, data connection and application connection. Focusing on the two vertical fields of intelligent interactive devices and intelligent vehicle networking, the company actively explores 5G application scenarios, provides customers with end-to-end Internet of Things solutions, and helps customers realize digital intelligent transformation.

At present, the global intelligent connection platform created by Lenovo Connect has more than 50 million connections, serving thousands of enterprises, covering intelligent car connection, intelligent terminal, intelligent transportation, intelligent industry, new retail and other fields, and covering many regions in Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America.

Brief introduction of MeiG Smart

MeiG Smart Technology Co., Ltd. (Stock Code 002881) was established in 2007 and headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. As a world-class provider of wireless communication modules and solutions, MeiG has been dedicated to being an R&D-driven enterprise. The company’s R & D centers are mainly located in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Xi 'an, and the intelligent manufacturing base is located in Hangzhou. MeiG has set up R & D and sales branches in Japan, Germany, U.S, etc, and our R&D team has over 1000 members.

Based on advanced 4G&5G wireless communication technology and IoT industry, MeiG Smart focuses on providing 5G android intelligent module, 5G M2M/mm-wave module, 4G android intelligent module, 4G Cat.1/4/12/16, LTE-A module, automotive-grade module and NB-IoT module, etc, and 5G FWA solution, 5G ICV/5G intelligent cockpit, 5G industrial PDA solution, 5G video recorder solution, 5G BOX solution, intelligent retail terminal solution and other IoT customized solutions, technology development service and systematic solutions for cloud platform with MeiGLink brand at the core for global customers. MeiG is taking the lead in many IoT core applications, and has IoT customers spreading over 100 countries and regions around the world.



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