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Smart Connectivity Enables the Dual-cycle Operation Service of Lenovo Devices

2020-12-02 14:26

Can you imagine that the parking fee you spend for visiting a telco store is enough to buy you a month’s data bundle?

In Europe, to make your laptop connected to a mobile network, you need to first find out which operators can provide these services online; then compare the data bundles of different companies in the dazzling information. Once you decide which operator to go for, you will need to pay a visit to a local store to buy a SIM card, and cooperate to complete the authorization and settings. In this process, the costs of petrol, parking and more importantly, your time, are not small expenses.

In order to allow users to enjoy more efficient and lower-cost service, Lenovo Connect recently has released a new LTE connectivity service “Lenovo Connect SIM Card + Data Bundle” . Users just need to place an order on Lenovo official website and then get a whole device connectivity service, including a SIM card and 5GB data bundle for a month. With this product, users can jump online whenever and wherever with competitive data renewal options online.


In the process of actively building a new pattern of dual-cycle development, Lenovo Connect gathers high-quality global connectivity and service resources, to provide services to China and worldwide. Lenovo Connect provides IoT Smart Connectivity service not only for Chinese local customers and Chinese users travelling abroad, but also for worldwide customers with local and cross-regional connectivity footprint. The newly launched LTE connection service is authenticated by private network encryption, covering 32 countries in Europe and the United States. It is suitable for Lenovo smart phones, tablets, laptops and other devices. It helps users connect their devices to local mobile networks and enhance the dual-cycle operation service of Lenovo devices.

At present, multiple Lenovo Yoga Smart Tablets are equipped with this LTE connectivity service. After activation, users can get online whenever the device is powered on. Not only can it make working on a tablet more efficient and convenient - hotels, homes, cafes, trains, airports are your mobile offices anytime you want; it can also easily meet the needs of entertainment and tourism. More importantly, data transmitted through LTE mobile network is encrypted through the private network, which is more convenient and secure than using public Wi-Fi. You can even use it as a mobile router and establish hot-spot to share data.



Based on the foundation built in serving Lenovo devices, Lenovo Connect also helps partners from different industries realize products with LTE/5G and global coverage. The new LTE connectivity service can also be used in industrial devices like smart medical devices and new energy vehicles (NEVs). Recently, Lenovo Connect has delivered IoT connectivity service for NEVs, shared power banks and smart vending lockers, etc. For example, Lenovo Connect has provided European local connectivity service for AIWAYS Auto U5.


"Dual-cycle” operation is a key element in constructing the new global industrial development. It is also an important choice for enterprises entering a new stage of development. Lenovo Connect from Lenovo Capital & Incubator Group (LCIG) is the core carrier of Lenovo Group's Smart IoT service. Lenovo Connect will give full play to its global smart connectivity advantages and help Lenovo realize the “Dual-cycle” operation service. It will enable more partners and enterprise customers in China and worldwide, and further promote the construction of a global industrial value chain.

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