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Lenovo Delivers ThinkUEM Unified Endpoint Management for Yudutek

2019-08-29 09:00

ThinkUEM, the global UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) provider from Lenovo, today announced its successful delivery to Yudutek, a technology company in Taiwan, China, allowing clients to enjoy richer software and hardware services.


As a famous service integrator in Taiwan, Yudutek grows business rapidly, as well as clients' fast-growing needs. In this case, many terminal clients of Yudutek require to build a pure intranet environment on their production line, which allows them to run their self-developed Android apps safely. This customized platform is safe and convenient to allow terminal users to enjoy the Wi-Fi function directly.

After fully communicating with Yudutek, Lenovo ultimately provides Yudutek ThinkUEM licenses and 8504F tablets. ThinkUEM deploys on-premise services on Yudutek's Windows 2012 server and other services to satisfy all Yudutek business requirements, these services include Kiosk Mode, Lenovo's self-developed mini program and more.

With ThinkUEM, not only does it save Yudutek’s time, costs and manpower in its workflow, but Yudutek can also supply better services to all clients.

About ThinkUEM 

ThinkUEM is an enterprise unified endpoint management platform developed exclusively by Lenovo. Its function is far beyond a solution of MDM (Mobile Device Management), MAM (Mobile Application Management) and MCM (Mobile Content Management). ThinkUEM allows users to manage and control their terminals safely through a single platform, even with mobile data. ThinkUEM’s business is spread all over the world, especially in North America, EMEA and the Asia-Pacific.  

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