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Efficiently Manage Your Business Flow with ThinkUEM

2019-08-09 18:00

Nowadays, more and more company use mobile endpoints, such as PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, wearables and more, to run their business. By using UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) solutions, it can help IT team to monitor, manage and control their business progress easily through these endpoints.

As a new star in the market, ThinkUEM has delivered many orders to great companies all around the world, and its quality and services have got unanimous approval and favorable comment of global enterprise clients.


What makes ThinkUEM so important?

Strong Team Background

Lenovo Connect, a subsidiary of Lenovo, start to develop ThinkUEM in 2017. ThinkUEM, as a part of Lenovo’s software and hardware integration solution, it has high compatibility with Lenovo endpoints and also other android-based endpoints from different companies. You could truly enjoy a one-stop solution from Lenovo.

High Visibility

ThinkUEM provides visibility to each endpoint, allowing every client to monitor and manage business with corporate security and policies and regulations, reducing company risk and centralizing control of all endpoints.

High Automation

Whether endpoints are operating on the company’s internal network or public network, ThinkUEM could help company to reduce the time on managing and controlling all endpoints across the business.  


ThinkUEM allows the IT team to standardize configurations and applications across all endpoints.

Reduce Manual Labor and Working Time

With ThinkUEM, the IT team can certainly confirm all endpoints have been configured and updated properly, reducing the additional work, such as support calls and support emails, etc.


In terms of ThinkUEM itself, it owns the APN and Firewall, which allows clients to exchange data safely. ThinkUEM also increases the certainty that all endpoints are update with the latest safety policy. Moreover, ThinkUEM allows the IT team to lock endpoint and erase data remotely, to avoid their data loss.

Great User Experience

In addition to these points above, there are still many features to improve its user experience. For example, ThinkUEM supports on-premise and on-cloud deployments, high customization on device kiosk mode and a lot more. The tremendous growth in demand of the users requires ThinkUEM to make more improvements to achieve the performance that provides the best possible experience for clients.


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