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Lenovo Introduced its UEM Solution, ThinkUEM to LATAM Public Sector

2019-07-04 18:12

On June 20, Lenovo had a business meeting with LATAM public sectors to introduce its portfolio of Security ThinkShield, including a UEM(Unified Endpoint Management) solution, ThinkUEM.


The meeting aimed to share the experience of Lenovo in the digitalization process policies for smart government, highlighted the importance of security in government transformation.

ThinkShield, a security strategy intended to secure devices through the entire product life cycle. ThinkUEM, as part of Lenovo’s portfolio of Security ThinkShield, was shown to participants about how secure it is by Fernando Jimenez, the software manager LAS at Lenovo, and he also demonstrated major function modes of ThinkUEM


ThinkUEM is an enterprise unified endpoint management platform developed exclusively by Lenovo. Its function is far beyond a solution of MDM (Mobile Device Management), MAM(Mobile Application Management) and MCM(Mobile Content Management). ThinkUEM allows users to manage and control their terminals safely through a single platform even with mobile data anywhere and everywhere.

In an environment where organizations, especially for the government sector, consider security to be their biggest concern, no other product line provides as many ways to detect, recover from, and prevent security breaches as ThinkShield do.

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