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Lenovo Connect Delivers the First ThinkUEM PO to Roxelane

2019-06-06 07:21

Holland, June 6, 2019--Lenovo Connect, the subsidiary of Lenovo, today announce that the company has successfully delivered the first PO to the Dutch company, Roxelane.

It is well known that Lenovo provides the comprehensive hardware and software integration solution for companies and individuals. In this project, Roxelane purchased the Lenovo Tab5 and partnered with ThinkUEM to develop the UEM solution for the new product. ThinkUEM team provides the Kiosk Mode, batch application deployment and upgrade, and remote control and other features in the UEM solution.

Roxelane is a famous Dutch technology company that provides clients cutting-edge digital experience. Its featured product-Memory Lane, a digital photo frame using Lenovo tablet as hardware carriers, is the cooperative product in the project. Memory Lane is designed to provide better family interactive service for seniors, to remind them the good family moment, and provide services like daily communication link between their family and caretakers , entertainment, agenda reminder and so on, it allows seniors to move digitally healthier on a personal level.


About ThinkUEM 

ThinkUEM is an enterprise mobile endpoint management platform developed exclusively by Lenovo. It allows you to manage all endpoints securely on one platform. ThinkUEM’s business is spread all over the world, special in NA, EMEA and the Asia-pacific.  

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