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Lenovo Plans to Launch This Year The eSIM-based AI+IoT Products

2019-03-07 15:04

Last week, at MWC2019many enterprises have introduced eSIM-based products and industrial solutions, such as telecom operators, SIM card suppliers, module manufacturers, OEMs and the IoT enterprises. As the explorer of eSIM providers, Lenovo plans to launch this year the eSIM&5G-based AI+IoT products and solutions, and soon its series modules that supports eSIM will be launched.


At this year’s MWC, Lenovo released its first 5G communicating module-C5100, which supports the C-V2X. On this basis, soon Lenovo will announce its eSIM-supported series modules. The series modules are relying on the GSMA protocol specification and Lenovo Connect’s AI+CMP (smart connectivity management platform), which helps achieving the code-number’s remote configuration and management. This function is intended to supplement existing products, such as the AI+UEM, AI+IIoT, AI+IoV and more, thus to promote the depth development of smart IoV.

Dr. Martin Wang, VP of Lenovo and the CEO of the Lenovo Connect & Lenovo IoT said at the product launch, “In the future, the eSIM will hold vital importance for the global IoT marketing development, especially in fields of consumer electronics, vehicles, logistics and energy, and Lenovo will also focus on the development of mobile intelligent terminals, vehicles, industries and more. To meet the market demand, Lenovo will introduce more commercial products and solutions to all clients.

In the marketing effects of mobile intelligent terminals, Lenovo will announce its eSIM solution which is based on the Android system for education, finance, logistics and more scenarios. The eSIM solution will meet all clients’ needs on miniaturization, low-cost and transnational connection and more. In the field of intelligent industrial connectivity, Lenovo have fully used its own advantages of abundant data accumulation in intelligent manufacturing field, mature edge computing solutions and the eSIM card integrated package to handle scenarios of abominable and complex industry environments, so Lenovo introduced many products of intelligent industrial connectivity, such as the DTU and the industrial gateway, that are all based on eSIM tech, so as to make industrial device reliable connection and smart factory producing line construction.

As the important technical support in the development of mobile communication industry, eSIM is approbated by more manufacturers and industries, and the global eSIM have achieved great development. Currently, Lenovo eSIM had initial successful cases in the field of consumer electronics and IoT. Last year, the Miix630 two-in-one laptop published by Lenovo do have the Lenovo Connect’s built-in eSIM solution, which has achieved the eSIM’s landing in the mobile intelligent office field. From the eSIM proposal to its productization and commercialization, Lenovo will continuously innovate eSIM’s application scenarios to provide all clients in the world the simple and direct using services.

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