The Small Upgrade Make A Big Change In Connectivity

SIM upgrade to eSIM

  • Be Easy

    No need to change the SIM card,
    it can provide the connectivity overseas

  • Be Flexible

    One-click Switching
    It gives the flexibility to choose the service provider

  • Be affordable

    The economical data plans
    BUY&PLAY, be more Economical

The Global Connectivity Service

Global coverage

  • North America


  • OCEANIA Zone


  • South America


  • Africa Zone


  • Asia Zone


  • Europe Zone


User Guide

Purchase the data plans and it makes the Connecting easier

  • Select the Lenovo Connect
    in Mobile Plan

    Select the Mobile Plan and choose the
    lenovo connect as you service provider

  • Login in or register an account

    Login in or register an account in Lenovo Connect

  • Purchase the data plan

    Select the data plan and purchase