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ThinkIoT-ITM Platform Architecture

Device layer:Lighting, drainage, ventilation, power supply and distribution systems; machine room, environmental monitoring, security, communication, fire fighting, settlement, robot, etc.

Communication layer:This achieves the interconnection between devices and the cloud server. The gateway and the device layer are connected via fieldbus, LoRa and other communication modes, and the gateway and the server are connected via Ethernet, WiFi, 4G and other communication modes.

Application layer:Real-time monitoring, device management, line patrol management, user management, emergency management, data management, big-data analysis.

ThinkIoT-ITM Application System



EMS:IPM enables the protocol conversion of local devices, industrial Ethernet interconnection, 4G interconnection, and data upload to the cloud.

  • Supports the connection of zone controllers, fire-alarm controllers, fire doors and other devices in the tunnel
  • Supports the signal access of high- and low-voltage distribution equipment in the tunnel
  • Supports the connection of access control system and personnel positioning in the tunnel
  • Supports access to video, voice and screen data
  • Provides encryption and authentication channel upload
  • Provides breakpoint resume, compression conversion and other methods of uploading
  • Provides machine learning data preprocessing



ThinkIoT-EMS is used in the intelligent tube corridor for the data-based interconnection of tube corridor devices and systems to form the intelligent tunnel application

  • Support cloud deployment and local deployment
  • Monitor the environmental data of the tube corridor in real time
  • Monitor equipment fault, alarm and other parameters in real time
  • Integrated security alarms and integrated operation reports
  • Predictive and preventive maintenance



  • Daily duty service
  • Patrol inspection and maintenance
  • Device management
  • Data management
  • User management
  • Emergency command

Features of ThinkIoT-ITM

  • Mature device control program, and emergency and early warning program.

  • 3D tunnel and data presentation, more powerful man-machine interaction capability

  • The system has a graphical interface, which can flexibly define users, organizations, roles and their access permissions. The user interface can be configured, and the interface menu can be set flexibly according to the user role.

  • The system core is based on JAVA and Web-oriented development language (JavaScript, HTML5, CSS).

  • Compatible with a variety of databases (such as PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLServer, etc.). The system has built-in database support, and also supports the connection to the external traditional relational database and non-relational database, to improve the data management performance of the overall system.

  • Zero coding graphic application programming design (combining graphics, maps, business intelligence charts, and more with controls such as drag, drop, and pull) tool functions, which can quickly build rich Web display and interactive pages.

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