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Clients Cases-ThinkIoT-MFG Application

The ThinkIoT-MFG application provides intelligent factory application for factory managers, factory equipment maintenance, and factory quality management.

Architecture of ThinkIoT-MFG Platform

Device layer:This includes various production machines, lathes, robots, AGVs, warehousing and logistics devices, as well as auxiliary devices such as energy, water, video, environment and security for production.

Communication layer:This achieves the interconnection between devices and the cloud server. The gateway and the device layer are connected via fieldbus, LoRa and other communication modes, and the gateway and the server are connected via Ethernet, WiFi, 4G and other communication modes.

Application layer:Lean production, agile services, data management, big-data analysis.

ThinkIoT-MFG Intelligent Factory Application System



  • Support SEMI protocol in electronic industry, and collect real-time information of SMT, dispenser, wave soldering and other devices
  • Support various machine tool device communication protocols, Siemens, FUAC, ABB
  • Support logistics industry standards, and upload of AGV data
  • Support textile industry standards, and upload of dyeing, finishing and textile machinery data
  • Support auto industry data upload, covering spraying, welding, and vehicle manufacturing equipment
  • Provides encryption and authentication channel upload
  • Provides breakpoint resume, compression conversion and other methods of uploading
  • Provides machine learning data preprocessing



ThinkIoT-EMS is used in the intelligent factory for the data-based interconnection of factory equipment and systems to form the intelligent factory application

  • Support cloud deployment and local deployment
  • Monitor production line and production data in real time
  • Monitor device OEE, KPI and other parameters in real time
  • Integrated alarms and reports
  • Predictive and preventive maintenance

Lean production APP

Lean production APP

  • Intelligent production line digital mapping APP
  • Device health management APP
  • Preventive maintenance APP
  • Energy management APP
  • Intelligent production scheduling APP
  • Production management APP

Agile service APP

Agile service APP

  • Maintenance planning and analysis APP
  • Operation monitoring APP
  • Remote fault diagnosis and monitoring APP
  • Preventive maintenance APP
  • On-site maintenance support APP
  • Technical data management APP

ThinkIoT-MFG Features

  •   Fast device connection

    ThinkIoT-EMS has more than 150 industrial protocol interfacing capabilities. It can be connected to general and special devices in electronic, machine tool, robot, AGV, textile, mechanical processing and automobile manufacturing industries.

  • Fast enhancement and changing

  • Fast creation of analysis model

  • Fast attempt failure

  •   Fast solution development

    Factory kanban, production line kanban, and device kanban have been quickly formed for applications for different objects of the manufacturing industry, and such solutions as device alarm, report, device OEE, quality kanban, and factory equipment connection kanban have been rapidly developed.

  • Fast creation of business value

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