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The ThinkIoT-IPM system provides a complete set of software from edge computing to cloud to meet the needs of integrated monitoring, warning, prediction and management of the power distribution system.

Architecture of THINKIOT-IPM Platform

ThinkIOT-IPM Smart Distribution Cloud Management System

ThinkIOT-IPM Features

Achievement of ThinkIOT-IPM

  • Predictive diagnosis

    The predictive diagnosis function of intelligent power distribution equipment and ThinkIoT can proactively eliminate possible power leakage, three-phase imbalance, line temperature overheating and other factors that can affect the safety of the power supply, thus minimizing the risk of power failure and ensuring power-supply performance of the required standard.

  • Real-time push of alarm information

    The operation and maintenance management function of intelligent power distribution equipment and ThinkIoT can freely define the management standard, push the alarm information in real time, and achieve the timely operation, maintenance and repair of distribution system.

  • Targeted power quality improvement

    The big-data analysis of power distribution monitoring can provide decision-making basis for transformer and power distribution equipment replacement and transformation, and improvement of power quality, thus full lifecycle management is more valuable.

  • Energy management

    Clean energy consumption to ensure the safety of the power grid.

  • Predictive maintenance

    Predictive maintenance and preventive maintenance of devices.

  • Breakdown repair

    Fault warning, power failure analysis, less repair time.

  • Customer service

    Enhanced reliability of power supply and extensive interactive support.

  • Development planning

    Database provided to support scientific planning.

  • Optimized operation

    Optimized voltage level, reduced line loss, energy saving and less consumption.

  • Asset management

    Optimized device load rate and enhanced efficiency of asset management

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