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ThinkIoT-IIDM application

The ThinkIoT-IIDM application enables management and alarm of devices through the connection of factory equipment, thereby serving as a basic platform for remote maintenance of devices and business model transformation of manufacturers.




EMS:IIDM enables the protocol conversion of local devices, industrial Ethernet interconnection, 4G interconnection, and data upload to the cloud.

  • Supports small PLC access of device control system
  • Support for remote maintenance interface for devices
  • Supports access to video, voice and screen data
  • Provides encryption and authentication channel upload
  • Provides breakpoint resume, compression conversion and other methods of uploading
  • Provides machine learning data preprocessing



  • Through the IoT technology, ThinkIoT-IIDM can remotely monitor device operation data. Fault warning may be viewed anytime and anywhere via mobile phone. Abnormal operating parameters can be diagnosed remotely. ThinkIoT-IIDM also supports remote diagnosis of faults, accurate preparation of accessories, and accurate arrangement with competent after-sales personnel to avoid invalid visiting service.
  • Intelligent monitoring of periodic maintenance: Due device maintenance is reminded, and which devices that need to be maintained are in the same industrial area are clearly shown. The route is intelligently planned to avoid unnecessary travel.
  • Energy-saving transformation: Device operation parameters are monitored to provide energy saving reports and rationalize device transformation.
  • Device quality management and analysis: The manufacturer fully grasps the fault records and operation conditions of devices on the client side, which provide data support for quality improvement.
  • Through direct contact with device users via the IoT, the real needs of users can be obtained in real time.
  • Device manufacturer private deployment and public cloud deployment are supported.

Structure and Module of THINKIOT-IIDM

Remote monitoring of assets

  • A consolidated list of all assets under management
  • Rapid screening and identification of assets in question
  • Summary view of asset information and operations

Remote failure maintenance

  • Remote access to connected devices, failure troubleshooting, device restart
  • Two-way file transfer (calibration, recording, software patches, etc.)

Real-time monitoring of asset status

  • Detailed view of asset information and operating status
  • Historical view of operating status and asset status
  • Analysis of trends in multiple parameters to ensure a better understanding of operational anomalies
  • Alarms based on thresholds or abnormal operating conditions

Advantages of THINKIOT IIDM Solutions

Device uptime increased by


  • More corporate profits
  • Sustainable competitive advantage
  • Knowledge of device operation

Field service visits reduced by


  • Remote monitoring, diagnosis and resolution of problems
  • Fewer field service dispatches
  • More service profits
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction

First repair rate increased by


  • Enhanced first repair rate
  • Longer device uptime
  • Better products and service results

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