ThinkIoT Cloud Seal

Lenovo Connect provides end-to-end solutions of intelligent seal management featuring
"Cloud-Pipe-Terminal software-hardware integration"
for governments,enterprises and public institutions at all levels.

Based on 4G (all kinds of networks supported) communication module, data flow and ThinkIoT platform, Lenovo Connect builds a cloud service system that integrates seal data cloud storage, IoT data transmission, seal data screening and traceability, and system integration.
The system enables device connection management and device management.

Intelligent support for the following functions

  • Authorization management

  • Permission management

  • Management of
    seal use process

  • Electronic fence

  • APP control

  • Location search

  • Historical track

  • Remote lock

  • Seal use monitoring

  • Seal use tracing

  • Seal use statistics

  • Seal use search

Product Specifications

Battery capacity 2000mAh Camera pixels 4 million
Memory capacity 8G Camera viewing angle 206°
Network support 4G (all kinds of networks supported) Size 63mm*185mm
Display 0.91-inch OLED screen Indicator light Single multi-color indicator light
Remote control for fault seal removal Yes Compatible seals Most seals do not need to be changed, and can be directly compatible with the device
Rubber pad Yes Picture transmission Network transmission
Low power reminder Indicator light, screen reminder,
APP reminder
Full power reminder Indicator light, screen reminder
On/Off reminder Indicator light, screen reminder, APP reminder
Functions Authorization management, permission management, management of seal use process, electronic fence, location search, historical track, remote lock, seal use monitoring, seal use tracing, seal use statistics, seal use search, etc.

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